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Maintenance is the mother of prevention!

Affordable Auto Services is your professional and friendly Auto repair shop in Lincoln Street, Hamilton.

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MTA Assured

WOF & Service Combo Specials

Need a WOF with that service?

Combine your Service with a Warrant of Fitness test on the same day to take advantage of these discounts:

  • Quick Lube + WOF from $179
  • A Service + WOF from $259
  • B Service + WOF from $299
  • C Service + WOF from $379

Maintenance is cheaper than repair.

At Affordable Auto Services, our MTA Certified Technicians are highly trained and will make sure your engine and entire vehicle is performing at its best.

Changing Engine Oil

Oil is the essential lubricant that keep your engine running smoothly. It lubricates all the moving parts of your engine and keeps it cool. Eventually, oil gets dirty and contaminants build up causing oil to become less slippery, thick and dirty.

Vehicle Servicing Options

~ Servicing times are approximate.
Please book your vehicle in to secure turnaround or waiting time.

Quick Lube

from $125 inc GST*
~ 40 mins

A Service

from $209 inc GST*
~ 1 Hour

B Service

from $259 inc GST*
~ 1 Hour 20 mins

C Service

from $349 inc GST*
~ 2 Hours
Change engine oil and filter
*Includes up to 4 litres of oil and a standard priced oil filter
Cooling system check
Check power steering system fluid
Check auto trans/gearbox oil
Test and check clutch fluid
Check windscreen washer levels
Check and test brake fluid
Check drive belts
Digitally check battery condition
Check tyres condition / pressure
Check and lube steering components
Check suspension bushes
Check brakes, visual only
Check exhaust
Test shock absorbers
Check CV boots
Lube car hinges and joints etc
Check all lights
Engine flush
Check fuel filter (external type)
Inspect and clean air filter
Check alignment and brake operation
Cabin filter check (where applicable)
Check spare tyre condition / pressure
Remove, balance and rotate tyres
Clean and adjust rear brakes
Check oxygen sensors operation
Check plugs (where accessible)
Check engine tune
Service Interval Reminders
Some vehicles may require service interval reminders (dashboard warning lights) to be reset and this may incur an additional charge

All Services*

Includes up to 4 litres of oil and a standard priced oil filter.

Although we stock a wide range of oil filters, it is impossible to stock every oil filter for every vehicle.

There may be an additional charge for non standard kit oil filters and additional oil.

If there is any extra work that needs to be done or parts required we will notify you with prices before we continue.

Please add $20 for a computer scanner fee where applicable.

We are Approved Mechanical Repairers for these Insurance Companies

7 reasons to fix up your old car

7 reasons to fix up your old car & not buy a new one!

  1. Depreciation is often the biggest cost in owning a newer car.
    Cars aren't an Investment. The newer the car, the more you lose in depreciation. Sometimes thousands of dollars per year.
  2. Finance costs for newer cars are high.
    Over the period of paying off a car, you will have paid for nearly twice over.
  3. Parts are more expensive and harder to obtain on newer cars
    Ports ore often only available through expensive main agents and often have to be ordered from overseas
  4. Car insurance costs are generally higher for newer cars
    A new car needs to be fully Insured, especially if financed, as It Is more expensive to replace if stolen or damaged.
  5. You may just be getting someone else's problems.
    Unless you buy brand new, you are still buying a used car with a certain degree of wear and tear. All cars periodically need brakes, tyres, suspension and scheduled maintenance.
  6. Parts availability is very good for cars ten years and older .
    This is the age of vehicles that the aftermarket suppliers and car wreckers mostly cater for.
  7. Japanese cars can do 500,000 kilometres.
    When serviced and maintained property

Cambelt Replacement

We offer a comprehensive cambelt inspection and replacement service - essential to keep your vehicle safe & performing optimally.

Cambelt Replacement

7 signs your brakes need inspection

7 signs your brakes need inspection

  1. Feel any drag? Be alert to brakes that seem to stick, wheels that are hot or an engine that seems to lose power. The brakes may be failing to release; alternately, the condition could reverse, leaving you with no brakes at all.
  2. There's a pull. Does the vehicle pull to the left or right when brakes are applied? Make sure tyres are fully inflated. If the pull persists, it's time for a professional to check the brakes.
  3. Stomping on the brakes? It should not take extreme muscle power to make the brakes work. This "hard pedal" symptom, when the brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging, can indicate brake trouble.
  4. Brake light is on. There are several reasons the brake light is illuminated on the vehicle dashboard. The problem could be simple: brake fluid could be low. Or, it could involve a hydraulic system failure.
  5. Shake, shake, shake. Can you feel the brake pedal, steering wheel or your entire vehicle vibrating, pulsating or shaking? This may indicate a problem with disc brake rotors or a faulty steering mechanism.
  6. There's a racket. Brakes should operate with very little noise. Don't ignore squeals, screeches, grinding, groaning, chatter, clatter or bangs. Your brakes may need repair.
  7. Grab. "Touchy" brakes that grab with the least bit of pressure may indicate that brake linings are contaminated with grease or oil, or a component is broken and could fail.

Brakes wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. How quickly depends on factors unique to you: your driving habits, type of vehicle and when and where you drive.

Brakes Service

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